What a time we’re in. What. A. Time. I hope y’all have been staying safe and healthy, and remaining connected to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Can’t say I anticipated this being my first post, as I thought it would come a little later. However, it felt quite apropos for our current collective experience. Not to mention, it’s something I’m constantly mindful of, especially nowadays.

A wise soul once told me “if you’re going to pray about it, you can’t worry about it.” Mind you, this was during a time that I was traveling a lot and being on an aircraft brings a certain level of anxiety in and of itself.  Fast forward and I can’t say those words have left me, or ever will.

No denying, I struggle with it.  I struggle often.  Not with the concept of faith, because ultimately that’s what it is, but more so all that it entails.  Trust.  Relinquished control.  Hope and belief in the unknown and .. well .. the unseen.  One may argue, what’s the point of faith then?  What’s the purpose if you’re going to worry and question? I hear you and don’t disagree.

I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with faith. As with most of life, it’s a journey, not a destination. We went a long while being estranged, only to be reintroduced some years ago. Feeling that type of faith again, and the way it came about, was such a profound experience. I, in ways, felt reborn. Yes, my faith has a divine component, but it was much more than that. For the first time in my life, my faith, my spirituality, was maturing and evolving. It was palpable and my soul was embracing its depth. Not too long after, how far I’d come, the progress I made, in and with faith, shattered. All went dark. Upon reflection, faith never left my side, I just wasn’t listening. Yet, in my quietest moments, my fragile times, I called on God, and on it, the most.  It never appeared that either would carry me through to light.  Little did I know, minute by minute, they were.

We find ourselves in unfamiliar territory right now.  A trying time, filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and fear.  I’ve been feeling the gamut of these emotions on a daily basis, but doing my best to fall back on the reminder I have inked on my wrist .. “have faith”.  The indelible appreciation of those wise words. The words that have always meant a lot, truly now more than ever.

As we navigate each day, and any unsteadiness felt, remember to look to others.  Look to faith.  Most importantly, look within and trust that ..

Faith tests our strength as it builds and lifts us in strength.

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