PULL UP. Regards, RiRi

We live in a divided country. There’s no denying it. This division has only resurfaced the racism that continues to exist post-Civil Rights era. Yes, I hope it has improved and weakened, but bigotry is alive and very well.

America is learning about the intentional death of Ahmaud Arbery. He was merely on an afternoon run when he was targeted, attacked, and then murdered in cold blood by a white father/son duo.


Oh, I’m sorry, did I mention that Ahmaud was #exercisingwhileblack?

Let’s unpack this further. What would have happened if Ahmaud was a 25 year old white male, on a leisurely jog, preyed upon and killed by two non-white individuals? Would the reaction and response have been months delayed? Would it have taken a beyond disturbing video of a hate crime (that’s what it is) for the perpetrators to even be investigated and (finally) charged? This happened in February. The arrests were made YESTERDAY, May 7th.

….. I’ll wait.

As Americans, as simply being human, we all have a vested interest. We all have a responsibility to each other. We owe it to one another to support, advocate, and fight for all who are victims of ignorance and hate .. for the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and devalued.

Now, to my white sisters and brothers – most of us would never want to admit, nor believe, that we have the power and privilege that ~40% of the US population doesn’t. No, we may not have “asked” for it, only innately given, but this is our truth. Our truth to use purposefully, and compassionately, for the greater good and growth of each community. We have an influential voice in this country, one that we must use, even when it makes us uncomfortable and places us in the minority. We must actively stand with, and on behalf of, those who live in the minority EVERY .. DAY .. OF .. THEIR .. LIVES. Start walking, or dare I say running, in the way of equality and justice for every child and every adult. We, after all, are our brother’s keeper, and that is not exclusive of anyone. 

So .. let’s PULL UP.