be the ripple.

Please. Thank you. Yes ma’am. No sir. Look both ways before crossing the street. Just a few things I hope to teach and instill in my children. Sadly though, something is missing. A vital component of what will be their daily lives ..

.. navigating America while black.

Becoming a mother has always been a calling, maybe the most important of all. Yet, I am terrified of that day. Sure, all of the common anticipation and anxiety that goes along with parenthood, but a larger fear of the responsibility that I, and even more so, my soon-to-be spouse, will shoulder. A continuous dialogue of race relations and realities .. of, frankly, what could be an instance of life or death.

We live in an America that still has a superiority complex – a white superiority complex. I am not naive nor afraid to say that. It’s undeniable. We cannot hide behind all of the progressive BS that we believe our country to be. It isn’t. Racism. Sexism. Homophobia, xenophobia, and then some. It. All. Exists. While pages may have turned over the decades, the chapter has never closed.

In the coming years, I pray to realize my calling. How, though, can I look forward to the beauty in that and understand the world my children will be born into? A world that will view them as Black Americans and be subsequently judged for. A world, or subset of, that will diminish their future promise and potential based on preconceived notions and prejudices. A world that remains afraid to use the power of voice and action to stand with, and on behalf of, those who live in the minority – the ones I love and the ones I will give birth to.

Look at the news. Look at the world around you. No, don’t just glance, examine without rose-colored glasses. Dig deep within yourself and analyze your view of society. Get real. Get raw. Get uncomfortable.

The truth can be ugly, but it doesn’t have to be. Even a ripple in the ocean can change the tide.

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